Seasonal Services

For all Seasons!

Chris Mohr Landscaping will get your yard ready for Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter without the hassle!

Our professionally  trained crew will clean-up, fertilize and mulch.

​Our goal is to provide our customers with a beautiful, practical and maintainable landscape that will last for all seasons.

​We offer nothing less than the utmost in personal attention.


Lawn Care

  ●  Early Spring: Application of pre-emergent with fertilizer prevents unwanted weeds, while feeding the lawn.


  ●  Late Spring: An application of pre-emergent with weed control will continue to defend against grassy weeds, while also eliminating any broad leaf weeds in the lawn.


●  Early Summer: Fertilizer with weed control will feed the lawn and provide additional broad leaf control that have recently germinated.


●  Grub Control: Preventative grub control application applied.


●  Fall and Winter:

Clean up and maintenance, removal of dead leaves and fall grass planting. 

Snow removal and sanding

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Cutchogue, NY 11935
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